Precious Metals In Jewelry

Let’s discuss the different metals commonly used in jewelry making. Precious Metals in jewelry are Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. In 1855 aluminium was considered as such and was ex...


How To Wear Jewelry

Jewelry How To Wear, sounds like an odd statement but I get this question a lot. Rings: When it comes to rings most of us have that figured out. Basically you choose a stone that complements your s...


Unique Earring Styles

Did you know that your face shape determines which unique earring styles you look best in? If you are one of the lucky ones, who have an oval face then your choice is simple. Just like hairstyles t...


Secrets To Buying Women Jewelry

All you men out there need to learn the Secrets to Buying Women Jewelry or you could make a very expensive purchase that she will never wear. This is an important purchase even if it is under $100....


New York City Travel Diary

Hello Everyone! I finally the New York City Travel Diary is finally here.If you guys have been following me, you would have known about my brief trip to NY city and Washington DC. I really wish I h...


Winter Beauty Favorites

Hey guys! It’s almost one week before Christmas. Winter is finally coming (it kind-of has already started), so I’m excited to share with you my winter beauty favorites Love and Beauty Shadow Palett...


Making Your Baby Comfortable in the Summer Heat

The harsh summer heat does more damage to the tender skin and health of the infants and children than it does to the adults. There are several reasons why children are more prone to falling sick or...


My Single Mom Story

My single mom life story.  More of a story about how great God’s love is. Disclaimer: I am not a “real” writer by any means. I have put this subject off for a long time now. Waiti...


Are Your Tampons Toxic?

It’s that time of the month. Comes every month. Cramps, bloating, time to break out the tampons. I came across an article last month and I can’t seem to remember it. I do remember somet...

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