Are Inversion Table Safe to Use When Pregnant

The ability to give birth is a gift to humankind from the creator. It’s just beautiful how a mother gives birth to a child! But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Giving birth to a child is the one of the most painful and exhausting experience a person can go through. During pregnancy, the mother needs to take outstanding care of her body as it will affect not only her but also the baby. Moreover, as the baby grows in the womb, it starts affecting the spine. So, people usually buy inversion table to have some relief from the pain. But is it that effective or safe? Let’s find out.

What is an Inversion Table?

To understand better lets first know about the inversion therapy. It is a kind of treatment in which a person hangs upside down with the help of equipment for therapeutic benefits. The principle of this therapy is to use gravity and undo the damage done by it to the spinal cord. Being in an inverted position helps with spinal decompression and flexibility. It is an excellent example one of such types of equipment that can be used for the inverted therapy.


There are a lot of therapeutic benefits of using an inversion table, says Chris, host of @inspirationalbodies. One of the most popular benefits is that it helps with the back pain by releasing pressure off the back/spinal cord. But other than that, including this equipment to your daily exercise regimen will benefit your whole body on different levels. We’ve made a list of benefits of this equipment.

Beneficial for Spinal Cord Health

As mentioned earlier, it helps with the spinal decompression with the help of gravity. The human spinal cord consists of numerous nerves around it which are connected to the Central Nervous System of the human body. The decompression of spine also helps in releasing any compressed nerve root due to the spinal compression.

Improves Blood Circulation

When you’re in an inverted position, the blood flow gets directed to the head. Leading to increased oxygen supply to the brain. This exercise is very beneficial for an individual who suffers from low blood pressure or has an overall bad blood circulation. It’s also known for helping with depression and lightening the mood.

Helps with Fitness Goals

Thanks to our smartphones and laptops we’ve now grown a habit of keeping our neck down which has severely affected the cervical spinal region. The inversion therapy helps with that by improving the body posture. Staying in the inverted position also increases flexibility, height and improves joint health.

How is it Different for Pregnant Women?

Now we know, how the inversion therapy affects the human body in different ways. But it is not beneficial for everyone, especially for pregnant women. During pregnancy, the hormonal level of the human body is not normal which turns all the tables. Moreover, the heart rate and blood circulation are increased than that of an average person. Performing such exercise can severely affect the child’s health. Furthermore, it is not advisable to take chances with such complex exercises during pregnancy.

As we have learned, the inversion table is amazing equipment and can do a miracle if used properly. But if any of our readers are pregnant, and they want to do it. We recommend consulting your doctor first. Thank you for reading, we wish you best of the health.

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