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I’m not usually too quick to jump on the lastest trend-du-jour, mostly because I’ve never been a particularly trendy person. I’d attribute that mostly to the fact that I wore a uniform to school from grades 7-12, and spent the following 5 years trying to catch up to the status quo in terms of learning to dress myself (in the process, this bod saw a lot of black tights and lululemon pants). In the last few years though I’ve moved on from being a university student, and begun to define my style a bit better. One thing that I’m so glad I haven’t lost: my love for bright colours.

When I was in high school, uniform policies kept us from wearing anything too bright, whether as clothing or accessories, so I never actually expressed my love for brights through wearing them. Instead, I’d decorate my bedroom in neons, paint my nails with crazy hues, and buy bright coloured notebooks and school supplies. But now I have the freedom to do what I want with my wardrobe, which means I’m really gravitating to a more professional vibe, one  that incorporates colour the way I’d like. I mentioned before how I recently bought a few bright pencil skirts and cardigans for work wear, but as I continue to expand my wardrobe beyond the essentials (black skirts, grey blazers, nude pumps), I’m finding it really fun to punch a bit of unexpected colour into my
blazers now too. If anything, it helps me feel a bit more me while playing corporate 9-5.

It’s pretty obvious that, if you’re willing to brave the colour, brights can be paired with your everyday neutrals for the office. Pair a pink blazer with a black skirt and a grey top. Try an green blazer with a pair of grey capris and a cream blouse. But if you’re as daring as I’ve been feeling lately, you’ll take it a step further, J. Crew style, and bust out the two-toned colour pop. I’ll admit that this can be a bit scary at first, but there are ways to test the waters without jumping into full-on 80′s mode. For example, try matching a bright blazer with a blouse that mixes bright and neutral (like this). Or, try matching brights with their more toned-down counter parts.

I know that I said I really need to curb the shopping to minimize costs for my upcoming overseas move, but I just can’t help but think that a couple punchy blazers are a great way to seasonally tweak my closet (besides, I’m having two summers in a row). And a part of me thinks that it’s also a good way to be memorable in a sea of other office workers. “Oh yes, Erica worked on that project” “Erica, who’s Erica?” “Oh, you know, the one with those bright coloured blazers” “Ohhh, yes her!”. There are worse ways to be identified, I’m sure. I haven’t quite made up my mind about which blazers or colours I want, but this watermelon one from Topshop that Gabby posted the other day looks like a great place to start. What do you think, would you wear a coloured blazer to the office? And if so, which colour would you choose?

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