How to Crochet: A Scarf


I want to appologize for doing these howtos out of order. You see, I wasn’t thinking about the topics around the time when I posted my videos, so they are a little bit off. The reason why I bring this up is because this should have been posted earlier…oh well! Here it is now! In the video below I am showing how to make a scarf. The yarn was a little tough and gave me some hassle here and there, but I managed to finish the project. If you are starting out as a beginner, I feel that making scarfs are right up your alley. There are a couple of reasons why I say this.

#1 – Great practice on the basics. You can figure out how loose you should make your chains, how to increase and decrease if you made too many. Don’t worry, I lose count all of the time. You don’t need to start the whole entire row over because you made a couple stitches more, which leads me to reason number 2.

#2 – You realize that crocheting is not always perfect. Sorry perfectionists, but handcraft items are supposed to have that “oops you made a boo-boo” look to it when you start out. Trust me, it is more fun to actually make something out of yarn with a single hook instead of not doing anything because it looks a bit sloppy. Shoot, I have some hats that have boo-boos in them but I wear them because I’m proud of what I made and it does its job.

#3 – You learn that crocheting takes some time. You often see granny always knitting and crocheting, but you don’t have to be old to take some time to crochet things. Learn to relax, focus and take your time! Rushing makes for little to no effort in a crochet project. As a beginner it will take a lot of patience to get things right. Think of babies when they learn how to walk. If you work on time constraints and you think everything that takes a while is wasting time, then I really don’t think you should crochet, or do anything creative for that matter.. ugh I’m rambling.

The point that I am trying to make is just to have fun, and take your time with it. When you are finished your scarf you will be so happy. It is a cool accomplishment. Remember those under $5 gift exchanges at school or work? Yeah scarfs are very good with those. Yarn I think runs around $2 – $4 a bundle. Well anyway, enjoy the video. I am doing simple Half Double Crochets (hdc). They are my favorite!

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