How to Crochet: ChunLi Hairbows


In my video below, I am making Chun Li inspired hair bows. Chun Li is from Capcom’s Street Fighter series. I recreate the hair bows using crochet. This was very fun to make and uses simple techniques. All you need to know is how to make a small beanie (for the cone part), know how to make a simple frilly pattern (the edges) and how to make a slim scarf (the string that tightens the bow around your hair). When I did this project, it took me about 3 hours of video footage, but in real time, 2 days. I took a lot of breaks because my hands wanted to cramp up while I started on the 2nd bow. Music is by Me. I did it using FL Studio 8. I call it “Chun Li Connection”. Her hair bows are Great for Anime Conventions! I am not really into cosplaying but if I go to another Anime Convention, I will be wearing my hairbows!

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