How to Crochet: Flower & Flower Hair Clip


You know, crocheting a flower isn’t too painful. Just think about it, if you make a circle and make one pedal you pretty much have the rest. In my videos below I have a few flowers that I have done. Most of them have 5-6 pedals. Depending on how big you make your hole will decide how many pedals you would need to make. If you want the pedals to stand out, add one or two slipstiches at the end of each pedal. The slipstitch is when you pull the hook in a hole of a stitch, then yarn over and then pull it through.

I will be showing you how to make a crochet flower hair clip. This didn’t take long and it is generally easy. You can use flowers for a lot of things. I mainly used the puff stitch and half double crochets (hdc) to make the flower pedals. No need to waste $10 buying a crochet flower hair clip when you can DEFINITELY make your own. And if you buy one it shouldn’t be no more than $5. This flower took me less than 10 minutes, and it was medium size and merged with 2 different colors. The crochet flower that was in my hair took less time because it was smaller and used one color.

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