How to Save Time in the Shower


Showering. It’s something we all do, and everyone has their own methods and routines while taking a shower. But there are some shower tricks that every girl should know.

Let’s start with shampoo and conditioner. If you shampoo your hair twice, you are more likely able to get away with not having to shampoo it the next day, which will ultimately save you time in the shower, and on blow drying and straightening it the next day. Start off by shampooing your hair as soon as you get in the shower, that way you can go ahead and put the conditioner in so that it can work its magic while you get everything else done. One shower trick every girl should know is after you rinse the conditioner out, set the water as cold as you can stand and let it run through your hair for a moment. This will add extra shine and gloss to your hair. High quality tankless water heaters will provide plenty of hot water to your shower, they can reduce your energy bill, save water, and money as well.

Speaking of hair, if you’re anything like me you shed a lot of it in the shower. Try using a drain catcher and placing it above the shower drain. This will capture all your hair so that (although it is kind of gross), you can toss it into the trash instead of letting it clog up the drain, which will ultimately end up resulting in a plumber’s services.

Let’s talk shaving. This is something that must be done, and probably the most time consuming thing to do while in the shower. Fortunately, it’s not something that must be done every day for most people. If you can, try to skip a day or two of shaving while in the shower. As this is the most time consuming thing to do, if you can get away with skipping a day or two, it will save you a ton of time. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work as well during hotter months while wearing dresses and shorts.

Shower caddies. This is a shower trick every girl must know. There are a million different types of shower caddies available, and they are sold just about everywhere. They start at a couple dollars and go up to, well pretty expensive. The type of shower you have and your shower products will determine what size you need. If you have shelves in your shower to store all of your products, that’s great, but not everyone has that much room. Before you purchase a shower caddy, think of everything you use on a regular basis in the shower. Eliminate the things that you have room for on your shower shelves. Whatever is left will determine the size of the shower caddy that you need. I find it’s most beneficial to place the shower caddy on the far side of the shower so that I don’t feel like I’m drowning when I go to reach for a product, but you may feel different. Just place the shower caddy wherever you feel is most convenient. Now you will never have to search for all your shower items again.

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