How To Wear Jewelry

Jewelry How To Wear, sounds like an odd statement but I get this question a lot.


When it comes to rings most of us have that figured out. Basically you choose a stone that complements your skin tone, there are many different shades in each gemstone so you are sure to find the one that looks best on you.

Ring metals need to complement the stone and your skin tone.

The design it self needs to be appropriate for your hand size. Little tiny rings on someone with large fingers and hands tends to look lost. To large of ring on small hands and its overwhelming.

Jewelry How to wear Necklaces:

This is were we become confused or unsure of the right length or style. Lets look at the different lengths on a bust.

Common lengths:

Collar– 10 to 13 inches or your neck measurement.

Choker – 14 to 16 inches – sits just above collar bone. This style goes with almost every neckline and can be worn for any occasion. Simple to elegant.

Princess – 17 to 19 inches – short necklace, falls at crew neck collar length or approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches below collar bone. This length is great with crew and high necklines but can be worn with a plunging neckline especial if it follows the shape of that neckline.

Matinee – 20 to 24 inches – 20inches being the mid length and 24 longer. Is generally a casual or work length necklace. It can be very sophisticated also.

Opera – 28 to 36 inches – long necklace “Flapper style “. A single strand at this length is elegant and graceful, with a crew or high neckline. It can also be doubled for a stacked choker.

Worn single strand it elongates and slims the figure. It looks good on petite women giving them the illusion of higth.

Rope – 36 to 48 inches long and can be worn as a 3 strand necklace or single strand. It can be knotted for added interest.

Lariat – 34 to 48 inches long, this style has a ring or loop at one end and the opposite end passes through the loop. There is no clasp. It is adjustable depending on were you want the loop. High, just under collar bone or deep v style setting at cleavage. It can also be worn as a belt.

Understanding Jewelry How to wear also means you need to consider the style of clothing you are wearing not just the neckline. When wearing longer style necklaces you need to consider the occasion and place. A long necklace can pose a hazard if it catches on something. You don’t want to wear this for work if you are around equipment or other possible hazards. You certainly don’t what to choke or hang yourself.


Studs look good on everyone. They can be fun, simple, complex and elegant.

Drops are more complicated. Choosing the right drop is based on your face shape. Some one with a round face should not wear round earrings. Instead choose ovals, tear drops, rectangles any style that is elongated.

Square shaped faces should stay away from square earrings going with round or elongated styles instead.

Oval faces can wear any style they all look good.

Just remember to balance or ear ring style with your face shape.

One other thing to consider is the length of your neck. If it is short keep to shorter styles, no shoulder dusters.

Oh you love hoops and have a round face, look for hoops that are more egg shaped or an elongated circle.

Jewelry how to wear Bracelets:

First of all don’t wear a statement necklace and a cuff or bracelet that wasn’t designed to go with it. It makes you look like you are wearing all your jewelry at once.

Large earrings don’t play well with large bracelets and cuffs.

You can wear the ever popular stacked bracelets with simple long earrings, the keyword here is simple.

Stacked bracelets are fun and funky, classic and elegant or a combination of styles. Your style should rule how and what you stack together.

Leather, beads and silver can be very chic. Crystal stacks are seen on glamorous women everyday. Diamonds stacked are flashy and beautiful if you can afford them.

Mix leather and semi precious stones with touches of either silver or gold.

If you are wearing bracelets or cuffs be sure your nails are up to par.

Small delicate bracelets can be worn all the time. Same as a narrow cuff. A set of three copper and silver bracelets can be very casual and simple to wear.

A single wide cuff can make a very bold and strong statement.

If you are stacking more than 5 bracelets you probably don’t need or want a necklace unless it is a simple chain necklace.

Don’t have your jewelry fighting for attention. The eye should be drawn to one place not three or four.

Remember the first thing to consider with any piece of jewelry is how it looks against your skin tone.

I hope I have given you guidelines to finding the correct jewelry how to wear for your style. Jewelry is a personal item that speaks volumes about you. Be sure it is saying what you want it to.

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