Making Your Baby Comfortable in the Summer Heat

The harsh summer heat does more damage to the tender skin and health of the infants and children than it does to the adults. There are several reasons why children are more prone to falling sick or feeling uncomfortable during summer. In some cases the loss is fatal. Let’s explore the causes and preventive measurements to help our children have a safe summer.

Infants and children have soft and supple skin which is extremely delicate, therefore, it requires more precautions. Children tend to sweat comparative lesser than the adults, so it may appear to you that they are fine with in the heat because they are not sweating. As a parent if you are worried how to protect your baby in summer then follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • Careful Choice of Clothes: Be careful about how you dress your children in summer. Always buy cotton clothes and avoid synthetic material. Loose, airy and breathable cotton clothes are perfect to make your baby comfortable.
  • Try Avoiding Extreme Heat: You may want to take your children and babies out for an ice cream or to the beach for relief. However, it is wise to avoid hot sunny days. Try staying indoors in scorching sun. If you are planning for outdoors during the weekend, please get the weather forecast and plan accordingly.
  • Sun Protection: Exposure to sun causes damage to eyes and skin. Protect our child from the harmful ultra violet rays and pollution. A brimmed hat paired with sunglasses is always good to protect the children from direct sun and keep them cool. Apply mild and approved sunscreen lotion on the arms and legs.
  • Cooling Down: Don’t keep children in closed rooms or cars. Leave your children alone inside a closed vehicle by no means to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Let children’s rooms be airy and well ventilated. Open the windows in the morning and close before noon and put curtains, switch on the ceiling fans or tower fans [top picks here] to blow cold breeze to make them comfortable.
  • Choice of Food: Avoid spicy and junk food in the summer. It is unhealthy and may cause several other problems. Prepare food at home and add lot of vegetables and protein. Buy seasonal fruits, summer special fruits are succulent and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Make them eat varieties of salads, fruit juices and fresh vegetables.
  • Water: Make your baby drink water at a regular interval to keep him/her cool in hot summer days. Water is essential for bodily functions. You can add glucose and slices of fresh fruits like kiwi, watermelons, cucumber, and strawberry in the water. It will serve both the purposes.
  • Hygiene: It goes without saying that hygiene is extremely important in summer. Apply mild soaps and shampoos that are clinically approved for baby skin to bather your child. Clean them gently and carefully and never leave the infants in water without supervision.
  • Bed: Make the bed of the children soft yet firm. Cotton bed-sheets are preferable as they will be gentle on your baby’s skin. Make sure the bed is clean and devoid of soft-toys.
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