Miranda Kerr for Mango Spring 2016

Back when I lived in Austria in 2009, Mango was one of my favourite places to shop. I’d never seen it before in Canada, and its aesthetic is exactly the mix of casual and professional attire I’d like to eventually build my wardrobe up to be. I was really excited last week when I found out that Mango had stores in Australia (although in some countries including Oz it’s actually called MNG, which is why I couldn’t find it before), and one right here in Melbourne, on Swanston Street for you fellow Melbourne girls.

But you know what’s better than me being able to shop Mango’s collections once again? The fact that Miranda Kerr is now the face of the brand. To say I adore MK would be an understatement. I think she’s absolutely beautiful, and she just seems like an extremely grounded and truly happy lady.

Who doesn’t admire that? She looks amazing in this spread (albeit extremely photoshopped), and I’m seriously busting to shop the Spring 2013 collection ASAP. Does it matter that it’s not spring at all in Australia? Uh, nope.None of the pieces in the above photos that I would actually wear (sorry crop top, that’s not you) are items that I couldn’t wear throughout fall and winter in Melbourne anyway.

That striped blazer has skyrocketed to the top of my wish list, and the striped pants/white blazer combo are right up there in second. Did I mention I’m fully and admittedly obsessed with nautical stripes? Fun fact, sometimes I have difficulty getting dressed in the morning because I own too many striped items of clothing, and they… kind of clash when all worn together. Lucky for us, Mango also has a heap of neutral items as well (like this top and this blouse) that will be the perfect complement to the bold lines in my closet. Oh my gosh I have to stop writing about this because I’m seriously dying to go snap all of these clothes up. And that would be unwise as I just bought a new camera lens an hour ago. Everything in moderation Erica.

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