I know I haven’t posted in awhile and certainly not anything of substance when I have. I feel like I am in a funk lately and haven’t wanted to post. It’s been slow getting back into working out now that I can. My ankle still doesn’t feel great but I can get through most movements at Crossfit which is nice. I haven’t gone for a run yet but may give that a shot this weekend. I have gone on several long walks with friends and that has been nice. So, here is a bit of a photo dump on what I’ve done in the past week or so.

The hubs and I did a 15.29 mile ride – although my garmin was a tad behind (his bike computer matched mine so we are going with that number!). He is so fun to ride with because he is so much stronger on the bike than I am and always pushes me.

My friend and I did a 4.65 mile walk (with some jogging intervals) at Brooker Creek Preserve. I had never been there before and I really enjoyed the trails. The only bad thing was the yellow flies! Holy cow they were bad in certain areas.

I got myself back into Crossfit and what a reintroduction! As you can see, I may have worked up just a little bit of a sweat during that WOD. Those burpee bar jumps were brutal! I had to skip the weighted step ups – my ankle didn’t feel right on the way down on those so I decided to listen to my body and stop.

Another good WOD – even though those HSPU’s are going to kill me! I just am not strong enough for them yet. I held the pose for 20 seconds each round for that movement.

Another walk at Brooker Creek with my friend – and a new PR distance for her! 5.35 miles. I am so proud of her dedication! She tries to say she hates me when I make her jog, but she still does it! Next time we are going to shoot for a 10k!

That’s about it – sad, right?! I need to get out of this funk and get back to Crossfit 3-4x a week. That is going to be my goal for this next week so check back next Thursday to be sure I stuck to that! Oh, and a check in on my weight – down to 165. It’s slow going and I know it’s all my fault.

Oh – one more thing! I was able to go to a Yelp event last week – their Yelptucky Derby.

I had never been to a Yelp event before so I had no clue what to expect. Well let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I’ll do a more detailed post later since I still need to download all my pictures. It was such a fun night and I loved getting to wear a big hat! I met my friend Michelle and her husband at the event and we had a blast! If you ever get a chance to go to a Yelp event, you should go! Huge thank you to Yelp and Brett for allowing me to come and for a fantastic event.

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