New York City Travel Diary

Hello Everyone! I finally the New York City Travel Diary is finally here.If you guys have been following me, you would have known about my brief trip to NY city and Washington DC. I really wish I had more time to explore New York because when I first arrived, the sheer size of the buildings and crowds nearly gave me a heart attack! But there are so many places to visit, not just the ones flocked with tourists. However, I was a total tourist and visited all of the popular places to go to like the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge and more. But I’m not here to tell you about where you should go visit and stuff like that, today’s post will be more fun and personal with me sharing anecdotes about my time at New York.

Day 1: I was in a freezing air-conditioned tour bus, with my best friend sitting right next to me, giggling along with a guy sitting behind us. I was huddled up into a corner, with my bright pink rain jacket across my chest. I had bundled up a thick scarf from Jcrew, and used it as a makeshift neck pillow. My ears had the Apple headphones stuffed in them, with K-pop blasting through, which I had turned up to block out my friend’s frequent high-pitched giggles. It wasn’t working. I knew I should have slept earlier last night. The night before we stayed up talking about life and thought we could catch up on our zzz’s on the 5 hour bus ride the next day. I sadly couldn’t sleep at all on that bus ride.

Day 2: Finding a bathroom in Times Square is hard, really hard. We had about an hour and 30 min to walk around Times Square and shop, but half of that time was spent looking for a bathroom. We first went to McDonalds, because what restaurant doesn’t have a bathroom? We saw a security officer blocking the way up the stairs, which is where you were to sit down to eat your food. Two young men, who didn’t have food, walked in front of us, but was shoo’ed away by the guard. We thought that we couldn’t use the bathroom if we didn’t purchase food, so we walked away. We asked the security officer from Forever 21 where the bathroom was. She told us there was one in the Disney store, which we entered only to find it closed. We asked the worker there, the same question, only to hear her say, “There’s one at McDonalds.” I almost gave up, but we rushed into McDonald’s and the officer from before looked at us and said, “The bathrooms are upstairs ladies,” and stretched out his arm up the stairs. We quickly strode to the bathroom and waited in line for 20 minutes and when I finally walked into a stall to do my business, the toilet seat was drenched in pee. Best day ever! 😉

Day 3: I stepped off the bus as my eyes adjusted to the bright light. Our tour guide told us that Chinatown was the place to shop and find good deals. And I was excited. Yep, Chinatown is where I was going to do most of my shopping in New York. I have never had any rings, so they were on my list of things I wanted to buy. We walked into to first jewelry store I saw and found a delicate rose gold ring, that was simple but cute. I asked for the price and a Chinese woman with the thick accent replied, “14 doll-ar.” I wanted the price to be 8 dollars at least, but the woman simply refused and said, “My final price is 10 doll-ar. No less. You see, it won’t turn black like other ones. Better quality.” This probably went on for about 10 minutes, when I just couldn’t do it anymore. I could get a ring just like this from Forever 21 for 3 bucks!  I knew could find a more suitable ring for me at Forever 21, so my friend and I scurried out hoping to find a better deal.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and brightened up your day with these silly little stories! Have a great rest of the week!

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