Secrets To Buying Women Jewelry

All you men out there need to learn the Secrets to Buying Women Jewelry or you could make a very expensive purchase that she will never wear.

This is an important purchase even if it is under $100.00. Jewelry is personal and if you don’t pay attention to the one you are buying for you will surely disappoint her.

1. Remember you are buying this for her, it has to be her style. Not something you’d like to see her wear.

2. Over the next few days or weeks really look to see what types of jewelry she wears. Does she always wear earrings? Are they little studs, small post earrings or are they hanging from an ear wire and dangling? Are they short dangles 1 to 2 inches? Or long 3 to 5 inches? This should really give you the answers to secrets to buying women jewelry for your lady.

See different earring styles here.

Maybe she doesn’t wear earrings at all, but always has a necklace on. Is the necklace on a silver, white gold or yellow gold chain? Does it have a pendant? Or maybe it is a beaded necklace, one strand or multiples? Maybe she wears copper necklaces with multiple chains and pendants.

It could even be necklaces on ribbon or leather cord. If you are scratching your head about now, you really need to start paying more attention to what the woman in your life wears.

The secret to buying women jewelry is knowing her.

3. What color clothing does she wear most often? Is it pale or vibrant colors? Is her style sedate or fun and flirty? Does she wear a completely different style on the weekend?

4. Go shopping with her and watch her face when she is looking at different things. If she looks at costume jewelry what is she drawn to? What does she pick up and smile at?

Walk buy jewelry store windows and watch to see what lights up her face. Ask her questions about different pieces in the window.

5. The advertisements from jewelry stores either in print or on TV should also get a response out of her. She’ll give you clues for the right secrets to buying women jewelry for her.

6. A big stone ring is not for everyone but a tiny diamond ring is a big no no. Diamonds come in all grades and sizes so if your buying her an engagement ring buy the best quality you can afford. A large diamond of a lower quality will not impress her at all. The diamond needs to have good brilliance, a nice cut (shape) and good clarity. Small diamonds by themselves are not going to make a good impression.

If you can’t afford a larger center stone then get a ring that is set in such a way that it looks larger than what it is. Multiple stones around a center stone gives the illusion of a larger diamond ring. Just be sure they are quality stones.

Better yet is to take her with you and pick out the ring together. Remember the ring can be custom designed right there in the jewelry store.

7. Buying a ring can be very tricky if it isn’t an engagement ring. You don’t want to give the wrong impression. If you’re married then you’re pretty safe if your wife likes different rings. If you are buying for a girlfriend that wears lots of different rings just keep it in the same style she wears.

8. Bracelets and cuffs are another choice. Not all women wear these so be sure she likes them and wears them. Your choices are numerous, solid gold, silver or copper cuffs that are plain or etched, with or without stones.

A Copper Artisan Cuff is another choice for the women who likes to make her own statement. This style cuff isn’t for the demure or shy quite type. If your woman never wears copper but likes this style and loves silver you can always have this made for her. Now that is a gift she will cherish.

Copper flame patined leaf cuff

This doesn’t need to break the bank either. A jewelry store will charge you 4 to 5 times what an artisan will for the same quality or better cuff.

Maybe she likes beaded bracelets or chain or leather. She would more than likely be impressed with a custom created bracelet. Or one made by a local or online jewelry artist.

You can find very well made bracelets with good quality stones for as little as $20.00 on up into the hundreds. Something made by an artist isn’t going to be something one of her friends will have, it will be hers alone. Very rarely do you find a jewelry artist who makes more than one or two of the same design with the same exact stones.

Remember your lady doesn’t want a piece of jewelry identical to one of her friends.

9. Another really easy way to see what she likes is to check out her pins on Pinterest. Hopefully she has an account, if not you should send her an invitation to Pinterest and then watch to see what she pins. Or just check out the site together and pay attention to what she ohs and ahhs about. Look at the popular pins or gift pins to get started.

10. The most important thing for you to know when buying a women jewelry is her. Her personal likes and styles will put you on the right track.

If you want to know about different unique earring styles and who they look best on go here.

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