Unique Earring Styles

Did you know that your face shape determines which unique earring styles you look best in?

If you are one of the lucky ones, who have an oval face then your choice is simple. Just like hairstyles they all work well with an oval face.

Is your face round? Then you should steer clear of round earring studs and hoops. Instead wear long dangles, long clusters, elongated tear drops be sure they are narrow so they slim your face. Triangles, rectangles and square earrings work also.

A square face requires unique curvy earring styles, long dangles that spiral are perfect. Clusters on the longer side, tear drops that measure 2 inches or longer are a good choice. Earrings with lots of movement and twists and turns will soften your face. Avoid square studs and earrings.

Those of you with a heart shaped face look good in chandeliers long or short. Circles and ovals, dangles of any length and tear drops all look great. Studs should not be heart shaped nor should you wear heart shaped earrings unless they are longer or stacked (multiple hearts).

If you have a short neck keep the length shorter so it doesn’t touch your collar bone. They should be narrow and slightly curved.

Sparkle and shine in the proper unique earring styles will highlight your facial features. As will gemstones that coordinate with your outfit color or the color of your eyes.

When it comes to handmade earrings you can always get the prefect pair for you. Artisans are always willing to work with you to get exactly what you want.

If you see a beautiful pair of round earrings but need then to be elongated or tear drops the jewelry artist can usually do the same in your style. All you have to do is ask.

If you have enjoyed this page and gained style knowledge please share it with your friends. Thank You.

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