What’s Beautiful?

I decided to join in with the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign. What is the What’s Beautiful campaign? This is from the site:

A competition to redefine the female athlete.

Are you ready to show the world what it means to be a female athlete? Set a goal. Then get it. The three women who take us on the most epic journeys will win a trip to the Armour Retreat in Costa Rica for four days of yoga and surf lessons.

Do I think I am going to win? No. But joining in with women of all ages and fitness levels from all over as we all define “What’s Beautiful” to us was something I wanted to be apart of! 8 weeks of striving toward your own goals. You basically set some goals for yourself and then document your progress toward those goals through the What’s Beautiful site. You can join teams, browse and encourage others along the way on their journey and be inspired by some of the amazing things being accomplished!

Here are the goals I set for myself for this campaign:

  • 25 unbroken double unders
  • 5 unassisted kipping pull ups
  • 1 full HSPU
  • Bench 120#
  • Snatch 75# (squat snatch)
  • Continue to run and get stronger overall
  • Train for my first Crossfit competition.

There you have it!

What’s Beautiful to you? For me, I feel most beautiful when I feel strong and confident!

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